Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply Hialid while wearing contact lenses?
If you are wearing contact lenses, please remove the contact lenses before using Hialid. You may put on your contact lenses again after 15 minutes.
How many drops do I need to apply every day?
Apply one drop at a time to the eye, 5 - 6 times daily. The dosage may be adjusted according to your symptoms.
How long can I keep the product after it is opened?
Please use the product within 1 month after opening.
Where is this product made?
Hialid is made in Japan.
Do I need to store this product in a refrigerator after it is opened?
No, but please store the product at a temperature below 30°C.
Does Hialid contain preservative?
Yes, Hialid contains “BAK C12”, which is a very gentle preservative, at a very low concentration of 0.015mg/ml.
When is the best time to apply Hialid?
Anytime, as needed and when your eye is dry.
Why does my eye become red and/or feel a stinging sensation after using Hialid?
There is 1.76% cases of reported adverse reactions to Hialid. The major adverse reactions were eyelid itching (0.45%), eye irritation (0.36%), conjunctival injection (0.24%), blepharitis (0.17%) and others. Please report your condition to a pharmacist or a doctor if your condition persists.
Where can I purchase this product?
Hialid is available at all major pharmacies in Malaysia.
What is the hyaluronic acid concentration in Hialid?
Hialid contains 0.1% purified sodium hyaluronate.